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Preprint: Nathalie Caruso, Angela K Zimmermann, Tarana Nigam, Karelia Lipson, Françoise Helmbacher. An intragenic FAT1 regulatory element deleted in muscular dystrophy patients drives muscle and mesenchyme expression during development. Biorxiv (09/2022), September 17 | doi: 10.1101/2022.09.14.507898 | PDF |


Recently published

Accepted & Published: Rui Li, Jingchen Shao, Young-June Jin, Haruya Kawase, Yuting Ong, Kerstin Troidl, Qi Quan, Lei Wang, Remi Bonnavion, Astrid Wietelmann, Françoise Helmbacher, Michael Potente, Johannes Graumann, Nina Wettschureck, Stefan Offermanns. Endothelial FAT1 inhibits angiogenesis by controlling YAP/TAZ protein degradation via E3 ligase MIB2. Nature Communications, (2023) April 08 | PDF | PMID: 37031213 |

Accepted & Published: Françoise Helmbacher. Astrocyte-intrinsic and extrinsic Fat1 activities regulate astrocyte development and angiogenesis in the retina. Development (2022), January 20. | DOI: 10.1242/dev.192047 | PDF: FAT1-RETINA (last submitted version) | see also biorxiv preprint (2020) |

Accepted & Published: Francoise Helmbacher#, Sigmar Stricker#. Tissue cross talks governing limb muscle development and regeneration (Review article). Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, (2020), June 7. (#: co-corresponding).
-Available online 07/06/2020. (Helmbacher & Stricker 2020)

Accepted & Published : Ievgenia Pastushenko, Federico Mauri, Yura Song, Florian de Cock, Bob Meeusen, Benjamin Swedlund, Francis Impens, Delphi Van Haver, Matthieu Optiz, Manuel Thery, Yacine Bareche, Gaelle Lapouge, Marjorie Vermeersch, Yves-Rémi Van Eycke, Cédric Balsat, Christine Decaestecker, Youri Sokolow, Sergio Hassid, Beatriz Agreda-Moreno, Luis Rios-Buceta, Pedro Jaen, Pedro Redondo, Ramon Sieira-Gil, Nicky D’Haene, Virginie Moers, Milena Rozzi, Jeremy Blondeau, Sophie Lemaire, Samuel Scozzaro, Christine Dubois, David Pérez-Moraga, Isabelle Salmon, Christos Sotiriou, Francoise Helmbacher and Cédric Blanpain. Fat1 deletion promotes hybrid EMT state with enhanced tumor progression, stemness, and metastasis. Nature, (2021) 21 January | PMID: 33328637 |

Accepted & Published: Emily J. Lodge, Paraskevi Xekouki, Tatiane S. Silva, Cristiane Kochi, Carlos A. Longui, Fabio Faucz, Alice Santambrogio, James L. Mills, Nathan Pankratz, John Lane, Dominika Sosnowska, Tina Hodgson, Amanda L. Patist, Philippa Francis-West, Francoise Helmbacher, Constantine Stratakis, Cynthia Andoniadou. Requirement of FAT and DCHS protocadherins during hypothalamic-pituitary development. JCI Insight, (2020) Oct 27 |PMID: 33108146 | PDF |
– Submitted on 04/11/2019 – Revised 21/09/2020 – Accepted 15/10/2020 – Online 27/10/2020

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