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You would like to join our team ?

We are currently a small team, but are always interested in having new forces join us, and in hiring enthousiastic and curious young reasearchers at any career stage. If you’re interested, I encourage you to contact me and provide information listed below.


We currently have a fantastic project to investigate skeletal muscle regeneration in healthy and diseased muscle (see here), and to explore the mechanisms leading to fibrosis and adipose infiltrations in a range of muscular dystrophies, and we’d love to identify a post-doctoral candidate to work with us on it. Contact me for more information on the project, and to discuss how you may contribute.

For this project, having knowledge on muscle biology and experience with cell culture and live imaging, and/or micropatterns and mecanobiology would make you the ideal candidate. Experience with mouse genetics would be a plus, but not stricktly required.

If you consider joining the lab, there are multiple opportunities of funding. The nearest opportunities you may consider are a post-doctoral funding call from the FSHD society, LOI december 15, 2019/Full application December 31st, 2019, followed by a post-doctoral funding call from AFM Telethon (deadline to be announced in december).

If you are interested in applying for a post-doctoral position, please send a CV, with a description of your past work and future research interests, and names of at least three academic references, and a letter explaining why you consider joining us, and how you will contribute to our research.

CNRS Researcher mobility

The team would love to welcome a permanent researcher. If you are a researcher alreading working at CNRS, if you are considering finding a new environment, and seeking to make a difference and have an impact in biomedical sciences, we would be very honoured to welcome you to the lab. Please refer to the CNRS instructions regarding mobility for detailed information on the procedure. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss how this could boost your career and to prepare together an ambitious project.

Master Students

The Helmbacher lab is affiliated at the Integrative Biology and Physiology (website in english here) and at the Neuroschool Masters programs at Aix-Marseille University. Please apply to one of these programs, and contact me to arrange a lab rotation, by sending a CV (including courses you have followed, and scores), and a motivation letter explaining why you want to work in our lab. Funding for PhD is attributed by the Doctoral School in life sciences (EDSVS).