May 2020

1) Proud to announce that a review article co-authored with Sigmar Stricker, has been accepted for publication in Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology: (Stay tuned for the pdf).

Helmbacher, F.#, Stricker, S.#. Tissue cross talks governing limb muscle development and regeneration (Review article). (2020) Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, In press. (#: co-corresponding)

2) I am thrilled to share the newest preprint, posted on bioRxiv and submitted during the Covid-self-isolation period!

Helmbacher, F. Fat1 regulates astrocyte maturation and angiogenesis in the retina. BioRxiv preprint

April 2019

As a phase of renovations of the IBDM building has started (plan campus), we (half of the IBDM teams) just moved to our new temporary labs, in a lovely part of the Luminy campus, near the CINAM (the last rectangular building left to the CINAM buildings on the map below).