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I am group leader at IBDM since 2005, with a CNRS Researcher position (CR1/CRCN). The team has been supported by several competitive grants, including: ANR, FRM Equipe, AFM, the Australian FSHD global organization and the FSH society.

Prior to my appointment at CNRS/IBDM, I was a Post-doctoral fellow at the Max-Plank Institute of Neurobiology, in Munich (Germany), in the lab of Dr. Rüdiger Klein (2000-2004). Before this, I completed a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 1999 at the Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC, Paris 6), conducting research work in the Lab of Patrick Charnay at IBENS (1995-1999).

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Dominique FRAGANO, Lab Technician

I have been trained and worked as veterinary lab assistant. I joined the IBDM in 2004 to work in the mouse facility, and became head of the platform. I joined the Helmbacher lab as technician in 2015.


You would like to join our team ? We’re hiring!

We are always interested in welcoming enthusiastic young scientists in our group, at any stage of your career (undergrads, PhD, post-doc, researcher), whether or not we have specific positions to offer. More information.

As you can see, we are currently a very small team. We haven’t been in a situation to offer salaries in the last 5 years, although we would have loved to. Also, since we moved accross campus in 2019, we chose not to embark new people prior to having a functional new lab. Although we always like to host students for their Master Internships, this phase, which was supposed to be temporary, was unfortunately expanded, first by the Covid pandemic, and then by personal health issues requiring long medical treatments. This is now fortunately over, and we hope to welcome new students for the academic year 2021-2022.